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Laser Treatments
Refined Image of Northern Kentucky is a team of trained physicians who can help you achieve your goal through in-office laser treatments. Our Gentlemax equipment is highly effective in reducing undesirable conditions like spider veins in legs and feet, minor skin blemishes and excessive or unwanted hair on legs, backs, and under arms. The treatments are simple and quick and, in most cases, results are apparent after only a few sessions.

The laser equipment at Refined Image is the most gentle, the least painful and requires the fewest treatments of any in use today.

Refined Image laser can effectively treat the following:

Hair Reduction/Removal
The laser is very effective in reducing unwanted and nuisance hair growth in areas such as underarms, backs and the pubic area (bikini lines). The treatment only works when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase and several treatments are typically required.

See before and after images of Hair Reduction/Removal

Small Vein Reduction
Unsightly spider veins, especially in the legs and feet, respond dramatically to laser treatments.

See before and after images of Small Vein Reduction

Age/Sun Damage/Freckle Reduction/Spot Reduction
The laser treatment provides removal or minimalization of skin blemishes, age spots and birthmarks.

See before and after images of Age/Sun Damage/Freckle Reduction/
Spot Reduction

Other Services
The laser treatment provides other services as well. Inquire for details.

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"For me - more treatments were required than initially thought, but the results from the reduction of underarm hair are wonderful." 

– Anne J.

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